Brand New: Current Health Gets Better by Design
Continuous glucose, the 5th vital sign, now available as part of the Current Health platform. Learn more about our partnership with Dexcom.

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you — we have a new brand, logo and website!  

If you’ve been following our progress you’ll know that we announced our new company name — Current Health (Current for short) — earlier this year. While we were a little sad to set aside our old name, snap40, we’re excited to now share the complete story of our name and brand identity evolution.   

Our new brand expresses who we are, what we want to be and where we’re going. It gives us a voice, a tangible personality and an identity to which consumers can relate. And our new logo (more on that in a minute) captures all that visually.


Shifting from snap40 to Current Health better reflects our core mission: to save lives and keep people healthy.


Our work is especially critical now. The global population is ageing and requires more care, and healthcare systems are under strain. Our technology enables medical professionals to treat patients proactively, resulting in better outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions.

Designing with purpose: future-forward care

We unveiled a new logo that symbolizes what we’re all about: serving people through technology, fueled by optimism, compassion, courage and enthusiasm.

The swooping lines — reflect the continuous, seamless care we provide now and the infinite possibilities our technology will deliver in the years to come. It embodies the whole concept of future-forward care, driven by predictive technology and human connections.

The same goes for our typography selection and brand colors. We chose cooler, contemporary blues, which are intended to represent the scientific side of our company, while the warmer natural tones remind us we’re still human.


Everything we do is in service of real people. We are technology by people, for people


Say Hi to Hammond

To ensure our messaging is always on brand, we’ve built a design system, which we’ve dubbed ‘Hammond’.

The point of Hammond is to ensure a consistent — and awesome — experience for end users no matter the touchpoint. Like any good design system, it includes a collection of repeatable components, along with standards for their use.

Our branding guidelines and templates will unify our sales and marketing efforts and assist developers with a UI library and guidelines on how and when to use certain elements. We’ll all be working from the same design system/language. This will help us avoid the one-off solutions that software developers frequently resort to in a fast-moving environment.

The future is bright

As you can see from our new website, there’s so much ahead.

Putting a system like Hammond in place positions us for continued progress, giving us a solid foundation on which to build in a scalable and repeatable way. By doing so, our identity will scale with us as the company continues to grow and mature.

As we move into the future, Current will keep evolving, and we’re excited to think of what lies ahead. But no matter what changes, our mission will remain the same: to save lives and keep people healthy.