HIMSS19 Roundup: Live TV, Promoting Health Innovation, and CMS Launches AI Challenge
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If you’ve never been, HIMSS is quite the experience. The show is considered the biggest and hottest health IT show in the world. This was our first year exhibiting, and it was just as we announced FDA clearance.

Organizers estimated that about 35,000 people would attend, but day one saw more than 42,000 people walk the exhibit floor at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Here are a few highlights from our HIMSS 2019 experience.

Current Health Demos at HIMSS

My personal HIMSS experience started out with a first for me – a live TV interview. It was a great way to kick off the conference. I also participated in a panel discussion on digital healthcare transformation, which focused on how NHS Trusts and hospitals in the U.K. are forging ahead in the digital transformation.

Click here to learn more about our work with NHS Trust Dartford and Gravesham.

Our booth was in the “Healthcare of the Future pavilion,” alongside other fantastic startups like Butterfly iQOrbita VoiceTricella and Quell. Well over 100 health systems, payers and healthcare professionals stopped by our booth over the course of just three days, with many coming specifically to seek us out. We had some amazing conversations with people from all fields of healthcare and from all corners of the globe.

My biggest takeaway from these conversations is that making remote patient monitoring work at scale is about much more than just the monitoring. Connectivity, alerting, the patient experience and the workflow are all just as important. These are all problems we’ve spent a great deal of time working on and solving and, coincidentally, this was also the focus of a talk I gave while at HIMSS.

CMS Debuts AI Challenge

One piece of news that caught our attention was from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which on Wednesday said “it’s time for a disruption in healthcare – and CMS wants to help lead it.” What better place than HIMSS19 to announce that CMS planned to launch a challenge that focused on AI in healthcare?Adam Boehler, the head of the CMS Innovation Institute, launched the CMS Innovation Center AI Health Outcomes challenge.

The CMS challenge will explore “how to harness AI to predict health outcomes that are important to patients and clinicians, and to enhance care delivery. CMS are brainstorming how we can incorporate AI in the implementation of both our current and new payment and service delivery models.” The challenge will be officially unveiled in the coming weeks and we look forward to learning more.

Why AI Matters in Healthcare

AI helps make sense of the immense amount of data the human body generates. Collecting vital signs, lab test results, written notes and imaging data from patients is a key part of making clinical decisions during care. Combined with other potentially relevant health data like visits, diagnoses, prescriptions and self-reported symptoms — multiplied over vast populations — make this data of dizzying proportions.

For example, in 2015, there were nearly 1 billion physician office visits. There are simply not enough doctors in the word to analyze all of this data. AI helps analyze vast datasets to derive actionable insights that professionals can use to make earlier and more informed decisions, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and saving lives.

Overall, it was a great event and we were thrilled to be a part of it. Didn’t get a chance to make it to HIMSS? Let’s talk.

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