A System-Wide Approach to Admission Avoidance
Utilising remote patient monitoring in the community to reduce unnecessary hospitalisations.

With a pressing need to keep hospital beds free for critically unwell patients during the second wave of the pandemic, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust relied upon its Rapid Response service to keep patients safe, well, and out of the hospital.

With the increasing demand for its service, the Rapid Response team deployed Current Health to efficiently and safely manage more patients within the community. Due to continuous and ICU-accurate vital sign capture and early warning alerts to health deterioration, the team could support higher acuity and higher risk patients for the first time. As a result, a greater number of clinical conditions could be managed remotely, opening the service to referrals from across the health system.

If you are considering a system-wide virtual care strategy you won’t want to miss this case study! Download it today to learn more about the different morbidities managed remotely and the impact that had on hospitalizations and bed days savings.

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