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CMS now reimburses for acute hospital care at home. Learn more here.

Transition healthcare from the hospital to the home.

The enterprise remote healthcare platform


Current Health enables new healthcare and drug discovery models that focus on proactive & preventive treatment of illness.

A single, enterprise platform to capture patient health at home using state-of-the-art monitoring tailored to meet the needs of all patient populations.

Our AI-powered algorithms allow us to identify health deterioration early and enable proactive intervention using our built-in patient engagement and telemedicine tools.

Through fully-managed services, such as 24/7 nursing support, Current Health empowers healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to operationalize novel models to move care out of the hospital.

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Reduction in ED admissions






per patient

Get a full picture of patient health at home in order to intervene early and prevent deterioration.



Current Health makes it possible to capture the broadest-picture of patient health at home. We tailor our monitoring based on a patient’s risk level and co-morbidities. For some, this means ICU-quality continuous vital sign monitoring. For others, we provide intermittent monitoring, supported by patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and eDiaries, all wirelessly streamed through our single platform.



Our clinical dashboard provides a unified view of all patients behind a single pane of glass, which fully integrates with the EMR. Our AI-powered algorithms stratify patients by risk and flag early signs of health deterioration to help prioritize treatment for the patients who need it most.



Integrated telehealth allow for virtual visits to review, assess, and treat the patient (including ePrescribing). Automated workflows and clinical decision support allow meaningful interventions to be automatically delivered while reminders to the patient help nudge medication adherence and improve outcomes.


Current Health is turnkey, scalable, and can be implemented within 2 weeks.

Logistics & Inventory

We can take full or partial responsibility for logistics and inventory, including delivery, collection and recycling to the patient’s home, clinic, or hospital.


We take care of patient education, support and training to ensure they are activated successfully. Patient setup at home takes less than 5 minutes and we consistently achieve 90%+ activation.

24/7 Monitoring

Our licensed RN team provides 24/7 monitoring, triage and assessment of your patients, escalating cases to you based on pre-agreed clinical protocols.


Why choose Current Health?

Simple Patient Experience

Current Health is incredibly simple for the patient to use, which is why our adherence is consistently above 90%. Patient setup takes less than 5 minutes since everything a patient needs, including connectivity, is provided pre-configured and ready to go.

Breadth of Monitoring

We offer solutions for each of your entire patient populations. For those highest-acuity, highest-risk patients, we are unique in offering ICU-accurate continuous vital sign monitoring that can identify otherwise hidden health events and expand the window of opportunity for intervention.

Analytics & Biomarker Data

We focus on identifying the one patient who requires your attention, while eliminating alarm fatigue and false positives. We have the largest dataset of real-time human health data in the world, allowing us to build and deploy machine learning algorithms that identify at-risk patients earlier.

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Pharmaceutical Companies


Built for Enterprise Scale

FDA-cleared & HIPAA-compliant

Fully turnkey with managed services

Used extensively by the world’s largest hospitals and in phase II to phase IV drug trials

Integrated with the EMR

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