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The Universal Patient Management Platform

We empower your teams to monitor, manage and engage patients at home in order to reduce risk, readmissions and cost while improving outcomes.

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How Current Health Works


Continuous, wireless core vitals monitoring via the most advanced wearable available. Seamless integrations with an ecosystem of best-in-class peripheral devices, from continuous glucose to blood pressure to spirometry. Daily symptom check-ins allowing a full and holistic assessment of health.


Easy-to-use iOS, Android and web dashboards allow fast identification of health changes. Advanced AI turns captured data into insights and alerts, allowing earlier identification of risk while reducing alarm burden.


Intervene with high-risk patients earlier through fully integrated virtual video visits. Deliver educational content or automated phone or text recommendations.


Deeply integrate with your electronic medical record through HL7 or FHIR or use our advanced reporting service.

One Platform. Multiple Conditions.

24/7 continuous monitoring of pulse rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, skin temp, step count and movement from our wireless wearable provides deep insight of daily health.

Deep integrations with a wide range of other best-in-class devices, including spirometry, glucose and weight, with 50+ coming soon, provide monitoring of all clinically relevant indicators.

Engage the patient through our chatbot, video calling and daily symptom checkins.

Advanced AI-driven decision support analytics drive earlier identification of changes in patient health and faster, proactive intervention.

Manage all of your patients on one intuitive, real-time dashboard across mobile and web.

End-to-end, we send a full managed and provisioned Home Pack straight to the patient's front door and then collect again.

Deep and seamless integration with your EMR through FHIR or HL7.

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