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The mission control for healthcare delivery outside the hospital

A single, interoperable platform to manage all patient populations at home


Remove the complexity of delivering healthcare at home with Current Health.

The future of healthcare will be virtual, patient-centric, and available 24/7 at the point and place of need. To get there, we need a better way to monitor patients, detect illness, and manage care, at scale.

Current Health partners with you to deliver high-quality healthcare at home. We've built an enterprise platform that aggregates data across all patient populations and allows health system and pharmaceutical companies to tailor services, care management, and interventions for each individual patient.

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Trusted by leading health systems and pharmaceutical companies


Current is the Cadillac of RPM

Joann Sciandra, AVP Population Health

I’m currently a patient with Cystic Fibrosis/Double Lung Transplant who recently tested positive for Covid-19. To start, this is AMAZING, the fact that I can be home, self quarantine, and feel safe as my vitals are monitored...It allows me to be in the comfort of my home and family; and my dogs. And that’s what really helps with recovery.

Hospital at Home Patient

Being able to quickly deploy Current Health at the onset of the pandemic was paramount to patient and staff safety. More so, remote monitoring has allowed us to extend our reach into the patient home and provide comfort and security during an otherwise uncertain time.’

Dr. Brett Oliver, CMIO

The Mount Sinai Health System has been one of the earliest adopters of home-based care models and one of the first to prove that it works. With technological advancements like Current Health’s RPM platform, we can expand the health system’s capabilities to do this for high-risk cancer patients

Dr. Cardinale Smith, Chief Quality Officer




Reduction in ED visits





Virtual beds managed


Reduction in readmissions


Reduction in length of stay

A single point of insight into health outside the hospital.


Monitor & Engage

For high-acuity, high-complexity patients, our FDA-cleared biosensor allows continuous vitals monitoring. Our API’s integrate over 200 additional devices and remote patient monitoring vendors to allow seamless data acquisition. We layer on patient-reported symptoms and health data captured through our engagement platform as well as use our deep, bi-directional integration with the EMR to better understand the patient’s history and condition.


Detect & Predict

We seamlessly assimilate data from the home in order to detect and predict health deterioration. Our platform provides actionable insights to the physician, care manager or to our own virtual care management team to enable identify disease onset or progression. Our artificial intelligence engine utilizes case and population-matched data to maximize sensitivity and specificity, reducing false positives and enabling delivery of healthcare outside the hospital at scale.


Treat & Scale

Our integrated virtual video visits allow fast, easy review, assessment and treatment of patients outside the hospital. Through one-click integration with clinical services, such as medication, DME or meal delivery, we allow easy coordination of in-home healthcare within Current Health. We interoperate with in-home paramedics, home health and physician services to provide full delivery of healthcare in the right setting at the right time.


Designed for Equitable Access


Available Languages

We deliver our patient services and applications in over 30 languages, including multilingual support and virtual care management. New languages can be added in under a week.



We provide full in-home connectivity, optimized for remote and rural settings, utilizing any available mobile network carrier.


Kit Configurations

We can provide everything a patient needs, including a fully-loaded tablet, or go full BYOD using a patient’s existing smartphone and connected devices.


Fully-managed services to help you scale

Clinical Solution Design

Our team of physicians and nurses will design, implement, and measure your new clinical workflows based on our proven experience working with leading healthcare organizations.

Device Management

Place an order for monitoring directly from the EMR and we can manage end-to-end logistics from delivery, collection, to recycling.

Care Management

We've built a Command Center staffed round the clock with licensed RNs to provide care management, clinical assessment, and escalation.

24/7 Support

We provide multilingual, 24/7 support to both patients and your frontline users, including proactive outreach to patients to help them get up and running.


How we're different

Simple, end-to-end

A fully integrated platform that takes the complexity out of healthcare at home. Manage all in-home services through one, interoperable platform that’s simple to use and deploy.

Single platform
for all patients

Our platform can be tailored to support high-quality care for all patients, ranging from high-complexity, acute care to low-touch chronic care management, all within a single dashboard.

Data-first approach
to care management

We assimilate multiple streams of patient data and look at trends over time in order to provide highly-specific and actionable insight that enables preventive treatment at scale.

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