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Continuous glucose, the 5th vital sign, now available as part of Current Health. Learn more about our partnership with Dexcom.

Transition healthcare from the hospital to the home.

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Current Health is a full-service remote healthcare platform to monitor, manage and engage
patients at home.

Through continuous vital sign monitoring, smart alerts, our 24/7 nursing triage team and in-built telemedicine, patients can go home earlier and stay home, improving outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

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Current Health delivers fully customizable care models that accelerate discharge, reduce hospitalizations and improve outcomes.


We take care of the final mile delivery to the patient's home, or you can provide our kit to the patient on the day of discharge. At the end, we collect and recycle.


Patient setup at home takes less than 5 minutes. We take care of patient education, support and training to ensure they are activated successfully.


Patients are passively monitored 24/7 and complete disease-specific programs, including symptom check-ins and education.

Alert & Escalate

Smart alerts flag patients at risk of disease exacerbation. Patients are assessed by our 24/7 nursing triage team and then escalated to you based on agreed clinical protocols.

How it works

Get a full picture of patient health at home in order to intervene early and prevent deterioration.



Current Health captures an unprecedented level of ICU-quality data from patients at home, including continuous vital signs, connectivity to other best-in-class devices, symptoms and PROs.



A single dashboard displays all patients, grouped by risk. Smart alerts, powered by clinical algorithms, flag patients for review in allow for earlier assessment of risk and patient intervention, while eliminating alarm fatigue.



Video consultations and text messaging connect you to a patient for check-ins, assessment and intervention. Send audio, video and textual educational content. Drive adherence through reminders and automated phone calls.


Why choose Current Health?

Simple Patient Experience

Current Health is incredibly simple for the patient to use, which is why our adherence is consistently above 90%. Patient setup takes less than 5 minutes since everything a patient needs, including connectivity, is provided pre-configured and ready to go out-of-the-box.

Passive, Continuous Monitoring

Unlike other remote monitoring platforms that check vitals only once a day, we passively capture real-time insight into patient health throughout the day & night. This allows for identification of otherwise hidden health events and expands the window of opportunity to intervene.

Intelligent Alerts

We focus on identifying the one patient who requires your attention, while eliminating alarm fatigue and false positives. We have the largest data-set of real-time human health data in the world, allowing us to build and deploy machine learning algorithms that identifies at-risk patients earlier.

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Pharmaceutical companies


Built for Enterprise Scale



Used extensively with major healthcare providers and in phase 3 and phase 4 drug trials

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