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The Universal Patient Management Platform

Current Health provides one common FDA-cleared platform to help you understand your patient's condition wherever they go. An ecosystem of device integrations, continuous wearable vitals monitoring, patient engagement tools, and advanced decision support analytics in one fully managed service.

Because knowing sooner improves outcomes and reduces cost.

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How Current Health Works

Onboard Patient

Patient's receive a fully configured and provisioned kit tailored to their specific health condition delivered straight to their home. Everything required for the easy, three step setup is included, including home connectivity via our Home Hub.

Track Core Vitals With Wearable

Core patient vital signs are monitored 24/7 by the Current Health wearable, providing deep insight into daily health.

Track Additional Indicators

Patients use deep integrations with a range of other best-in-class devices to capture other clinically relevant indicators, including spirometry, glucose and weight. Indicators are wirelessly transmitted straight into the Current Health platform.

Engage With Patient

Patients complete daily symptom checkins and interact with the Current Health chatbot to report how they are feeling. Easily customizable pathways are provided for multiple conditions.

Review Patient Health

Healthcare professionals track patient health trends over time via our mobile and web dashboards or through the EMR. The Current Health platform uses AI-driven decision support analytics to automatically identify changes in patient health and flag these to the professional.

Intervene Early

Healthcare professionals deliver early intervention via video calls through the Current Health platform or by scheduling an earlier clinic appointment. Avoid readmissions, ER visits and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction..

One Platform. Multiple Conditions.

24/7 continuous monitoring of pulse rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, skin temp, step count and movement from our wireless wearable provides deep insight of daily health.

Deep integrations with a wide range of other best-in-class devices, including spirometry, glucose and weight, with 50+ coming soon, provide monitoring of all clinically relevant indicators.

Engage the patient through our chatbot, video calling and daily symptom checkins.

Advanced AI-driven decision support analytics drive earlier identification of changes in patient health and faster, proactive intervention.

Manage all of your patients on one intuitive, real-time dashboard across mobile and web.

End-to-end, we send a full managed and provisioned Home Pack straight to the patient's front door and then collect again.

Deep and seamless integration with your EMR through FHIR or HL7.

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