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Continuous glucose, the 5th vital sign, now available as part of the Current Health platform. Learn more about our partnership with Dexcom.

Transition healthcare from the hospital to the home

Current Health is the leading full-service remote healthcare platform to monitor, manage and engage your patients at home.

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The most advanced remote patient monitoring platform available.


We uniquely offer continuous, wireless core vitals monitoring via the most advanced wearable available. This provides far earlier opportunities to intervene than any other RPM platform available.


Choose from our ecosystem of seamlessly integrated best-in-class peripheral devices, from continuous glucose to blood pressure to spirometry. We have 50+ integrations, allowing tailoring to the patient’s condition.


Use templatized daily symptom check-ins to fully and holistically assess health.


Easy-to-use iOS, Android and web dashboards allow fast identification of health changes.


Advanced AI continuously turns data into insights and alerts, allowing earlier stratification of risk while reducing alert burden and fatigue.


Intervene earlier through fully integrated virtual video visits.


Deliver educational content or automated phone or text recommendations.


We can manage all or parts of your program. Our capabilities are extensive, including full management of enrolment, patient education and kit logistics, inventory & recycling. Our clinical monitoring team can also monitor and engage your patients, escalating to you on clear escalation protocols.


We deeply integrate with your electronic medical record through HL7 or FHIR, while also offering an advanced reporting service.


Medicare reimbursement affords significant opportunities for new revenue. Based solely on reimbursement, providers can generate a 2-3x return on investment in Current Health. This is before additional benefits, such as reduced readmissions, reduced length of stay and improved patient experience, are taken into account.

One Platform. Multiple Conditions.

The future of health monitoring is here.

The future of remote patient monitoring platform, available today.


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Unparalleled data to develop digital biomarkers and reduce adverse events.


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An end-to-end remote patient monitoring program

We have over 100 disease-specific programs, including COPD and heart failure, that can be easily customized and modified to your needs.

24/7 continuous monitoring of pulse rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, skin temp, step count and movement from our wireless wearable provides deep insight of daily health.

Deep integrations with a wide range of other best-in-class devices, including spirometry, glucose and weight, with 50+ coming soon, provide monitoring of all clinically relevant indicators.

Advanced AI-driven decision support analytics drive earlier identification of changes in patient health and faster, proactive intervention while reducing alert fatigue.

Drive deep patient engagement the patient through video visits, daily symptom check-ins and automated phone and text reminders.

Assess the patient quickly and intervene virtually through fully integrated one-touch video calling.

Manage all of your patients on one intuitive, real-time dashboard across iOS, Android and web.

Our kits come pre-configured, right out of the box. The patient needs nothing pre-existing in their home. We can handle shipping, collection & recycling.

Current Health's nurse-led monitoring and triage service can monitor and engage your patients for you, escalating to you based on pre-agreed clinical protocols.

Deep and seamless integration with your EMR through FHIR or HL7.

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Current Health Partners with Dexcom to offer continuous glucose monitoring

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