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A future where healthcare comes to us, before we know we need it.

Current helps healthcare professionals keep patients healthy through continuous, wireless remote patient monitoring and precise early warning alerts.

We monitor the human body in real-time. FDA-cleared and with ICU-level accuracy, we track more vital signs than any other all-in-one device.

We keep the patient connected to their care team at all times, through our chatbot and through secure text messaging and video calling.


we’re focused on helping healthcare providers deliver earlier treatment to keep patients healthy at home and out of the hospital.


we’ll have the capability—using artificial intelligence—to be two steps ahead of illness at all times.

Patients don't always know when to call the doctor. Current will.

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Use our remote patient monitoring platform to maintain visibility of a patient’s health outside the hospital. Proactively identify those at high risk, so they don’t readmit.


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Use Current across the general floor or emergency department to free staff time from manual data collection and entry. Identify deteriorating patients earlier and improve patient flow.


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Enhance clinical trials with unparalleled phenotypical data. Better understand compliance, adherence, adverse events and the impact of interventions.


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The right information at the right time.

Our platform brings patients and healthcare professionals closer together. We do this through proactive alerts which drive earlier treatment, improving patient outcomes and experience.

Continuously monitors key vital signs with ICU-level accuracy.

Stream data from a variety of integrated devices directly through our wearable.

Precise early warning alerts allow earlier intervention.

Monitor and easily identify at-risk patients from a single dashboard. Available for mobile and desktop.

Customizable patient pathways allows unparalleled engagement. Our chatbot is powered by over 100 pre-defined disease pathways. Easy video visits allow virtual intervention.

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Keep patients healthy at home.

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