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Current Health’s mission is to ensure every human has the ability to lead a healthier and longer life by predicting disease onset and delivering treatment earlier.

Our population is growing older. We face more chronic diseases and our health systems are overstretched. There is no doubt that society will have to deliver healthcare in different ways in the future.

Current Health is building a future where healthcare is delivered to a patient before they even become sick. We’ll help physicians and nurses target their expertise to those who need it most. Imagine medications arriving by mail, appointments with physicians made automatically.


The Current story

When we started Current in 2015, we didn’t have any hardware or medical device experience. But we did have a goal. We envisioned a future where we didn’t need to wait for a health problem to arise before getting healthcare. We saw a future where healthcare came to us.

We’ve always been the underdog, but we’ve built a global and diverse team that now spans Edinburgh, London, and San Francisco. We’re all united by one thing: the chance to use our skills to change the world for the better.

Current now helps physicians, nurses, and patients at some of the top health systems in the world. We’re leading the way in how to predict disease and working on how to recommend a specific intervention. We’re ushering in a new, better era of health.

Thanks to the hard work of our team and the medical professionals who share our goal, we’re reaching the future we imagined. Where the right people have the right information at the right time. Where a patient and their doctor will be alerted to an issue before it’s a severe problem. And where we’re all working together to prolong health and life.


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Leadership Team

Adam Wolfberg

Chief Medical Officer

Christopher McCann

Chief Executive Officer

John McLean

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Stark

SVP US Sales

Richard Lennox

Chief Operating Officer

Stewart Whiting

Chief Technology Officer


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