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Continuous glucose monitoring by Dexcom, now available with Current Health

Current Health and Dexcom have partnered to bring Dexcom's world-class continuous glucose monitor into Current Health's remote healthcare platform.

In a unique partnership, Dexcom CGM data will transmit directly into the Current Health wearable and platform for review by the care management and clinical teams, improving post-discharge and chronic care of diabetes patients outside the hospital.

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Simple & fully-integrated

An incredibly simple setup experience for the patient, Dexcom and Current Health is supplied pre-configured and ready to go out of the box. With a setup time of less than 5 minutes, the patient applies Dexcom and the Current Health wearable, so continuous vitals and continuous glucose are immediately available for review by the care management or clinical team.

Continuous vitals, now including glucose

Deliver more healthcare in the patient's own home, both after discharge and in long-term chronic care. Current Health and Dexcom provide the most complete picture of patient health at home available. Current Health's powerful analytics platform identifies patients in need of assessment and treatment, and flag these to the healthcare team while minimizing false positives and alarm fatigue.

In-built telemedicine and patient engagement

Quickly assess and treat patients at home through one-touch, fully in-built telemedicine. Deliver reminders and nudges, educational content and capture symptoms through Current Health's suite of patient engagement tools.

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