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An end-to-end platform that makes it easy to manage patients at home.

We've designed our enterprise solution with the patient in mind and made it incredibly simple to use. That's why we consistently see over 90% patient adherence.


Seamless Patient Setup

Setup takes less than 5 minutes. Current Health provides everything the patient needs in a pre-configured kit, including connectivity.

  • Deliver

    We provide flexible enrollment options, including directly through the EMR, that kick off our logistics services, prompting a kit to be delivered to a patient home or within the hospital or clinic.

  • Plug In

    Our intuitive, virtual guide walks the patient through our plug-and-play setup. Our Home Hub, which provides connectivity across all of the major carriers, is simply plugged into a power outlet.

  • Use

    Our clinical team of registered nurses provides a welcome call to ensure the patient is set up successfully, answer questions, and help with adherence starting day one.


Advanced Health Monitoring

Capture the broadest picture of patient health, tailored for each patient's need.

Continuous, passive monitoring of vital signs.


Oxygen saturation

Mobility & step count


Body temperature

The smallest, most accurate, all-in-one wearable on the market

Our wearable device allows wireless, passive, and continuous monitoring of patient vital signs with the same accuracy as an ICU monitor.

Integration with best-in-class devices through a single platform

Devices come pre-configured as part of our kit for easy patient setup. Data is transmitted wirelessly and integrated into our clinical dashboard for a single view of patient health.

Holistic view of patient well being through PRO, eDiaries, or symptom reporting

Our logic-driven chatbot prompts patients to share their daily activities, report symptoms, and answer structured questionnaires. Use our evidence-based templates, or easily configure your own.


Clinical Dashboard & Intelligent Alerts

Advanced analytics turns data into insights and produces smart alerts that allow for earlier identification of risk without alarm fatigue.


Integrated Patient Engagement

Intervene earlier with direct access to a patient with the click of a button

Turnkey Services

End-to-end turnkey services to help you scale & deploy easily


Minutes required for
patient setup

We take care of everything from the management of patient intake and enrollment to kit logistics and inventory. By leveraging our best practices, you can deliver a positive patient experience at scale.



We have developed flexible clinical pathways that can be adjusted to your patient population in order to help your team identify, onboard, and monitor patients across clinical areas.


Technical support and clinical monitoring

We work as an extension of your team, where our monitoring team provides 24/7 support triaging alarms, intervening to improve patient compliance, and providing first-line technical support.

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