Director of Data Science

Director of Data Science

Posted Mar 20 2019

London or Edinburgh

Full time

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What will you do

We are seeking a Director, Data Science, reporting to our CTO, to lead and build our data science team. You will be hands-on with prior experience in a data science leadership role. You will have 4 key strategic objectives:

1. Support the development of our wearable device and 3rd party integrations to ensure we capture the necessary data for product development

2. Deriving new actionable health insights from the vast and complex amount of individual-level health data we collect

3. Using these actionable insights to predict health trajectory and recommend therapeutic interventions in order to save lives and reduce healthcare delivery costs

4. Rigorously validate our models through design and execution of clinical and healthy volunteer validation studies and experiments

You will split your time between people management, team development, recruitment and oversight of algorithmic development and implementation as well as considerable statistical validation, risk analysis and software verification efforts. This role will involve working closely with executive leadership, sales, marketing, product managers, software engineers, electronics engineers and external stakeholders.

There will be opportunities for research, publication and attendance at academic conferences.

About you

  • You will have worked in a product-facing data science role before, and played a role in defining, executing and supporting complex data science projects over their lifecycle
  • You will have prior experience in a people management role
  • You will have had exposure to conventional and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and algorithms (e.g., k-NN, Decision Forests, Neural Networks etc.)
  • You will have experience with Python. Experience with Java or C# would be a significant bonus
  • You will have experience working with common data science toolkits, such as pandas, scipy or sci-kit learn as well as visualization tools such as Matplotlib or Grafana.
  • You will have proficiency using large-scale data systems to work with complex data in query languages such as SQL on big data platforms e.g. Hadoop, Hive, AWS Athena
  • You will have outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  • You will have a solid understanding of the risks in data science - and how they apply to the medical field - and how they can be robustly addressed for safety and success
  • A working knowledge of human physiology and basic medicine (e.g., common disease pathways and treatment) would be very helpful, but it is absolutely not required. We’ve found that curious data scientists can learn the basics quickly with the help of our clinical advisors
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