CMS Announces Acute Hospital Care At Home Program
CMS now reimburses for acute hospital care at home. Learn more here.

As the country braces for another surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has announced the Acute Hospital Care At Home program to help mitigate hospital capacity issues. See full CMS FAQ here.

This new program, which provides hospitals with new regulatory flexibility to treat patients in their home, builds upon the organization’s Hospital Without Walls program and Telehealth expansion from March of this year.

What patients are eligible to receive acute hospital care at home?

This program will apply to Medicare patients who require acute inpatient admission and ongoing monitoring after being admitted to a hospital’s emergency department or inpatient unit. CMS believes that this program can benefit over 60 acute conditions including congestive heart failure (CHF), pneumonia, chronic obstructive artery disease (COPD), and asthma.  

What are the program requirements?

Hospitals are required to implement screening protocols to assess medical and non-medical conditions of the patients’ home environment. Additionally, CMS requires a mix of remote monitoring and in-person visits to the home, depending on the patient’s nursing plan and hospital policies.

How can hospitals apply to the program?

Interested hospitals must submit a request through an online portal to waive requirements for on-premise monitoring. They plan to fast track the approval process for those health systems who have previously provided acute hospital services to at least 25 patients. 

How can Current Health help with remote patient monitoring (RPM)?

Current Health has supported Hospital at Home and inpatient avoidance programs across the US since the onset of COVID-19. Our use of continuous monitoring, in combination with our built-in virtual care platform, enables health systems to safely manage acutely sick patients at home.

With the addition of our logistics services and 24/7 monitoring team, we can help health systems get up and running quickly with a Hospital at Home program.

Please reach out here if we can help your health system provide acute hospital care at home.