Current Health and COVID-19

Current Health has been inundated with requests from providers across the US and UK for support with virtual care, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

How can Current Health help?

Current Health is well-positioned to support COVID-19 response by helping monitor, manage and engage more patients at home, both for those with known/suspected COVID-19 infection as well as those at greater risk e.g. immunocompromised patients, in order to increase capacity in the hospital and reduce front-line pressure.

This allows:

  • An increase in hospital bed capacity by enabling more patients to be moved home
  • An increase in ICU bed capacity by enabling faster step down and discharge
  • Faster screening and community-based monitoring without requiring physician time
  • Reducing overall exposure by enabling self-isolation at home but with continuous monitoring
  • Reducing risk as far as possible for the healthcare team by allowing monitoring without exposure
  • Facilitating telehealth and video visits to the patient in their own home, again reducing healthcare team exposure

Specifically, our platform enables:

  1. Continuous monitoring of respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and core temperature in the home via our wearable
  2. Automated daily symptom check-ins with the patient via our tablet
  3. Automatic alerts that identify risk and deterioration
  4. Video visits

How do we implement this?

At its simplest, we drop-ship a kit straight to the patient’s front door and our own monitoring team can triage, monitor and engage the patient. We escalate to you any patients, based on pre-defined criteria.

How quickly can this be scaled up?

Immediately. We’re putting extensive plans in place to meet the demands of providers. We built this platform to help deliver virtual care – now we can.

If we can help in any way in this incredibly challenging time, please email to schedule a call.