Current Health and Patients Know Best Partner to Provide Unprecedented Visibility of Patient Health

Current Health and Patients Know Best (PKB) today announced an integrated solution that lets clinicians and care teams monitor vital signs and health information in real-time. The joint solution from Current and PKB will enable clinicians to better manage chronic conditions and at-home patient care, reduce hospital admissions and improve cost efficiencies.

The joint solution will give care teams immediate access to patients’ vital signs, visible through PKB’s digital platform, to speed up timely and preventative care, as well as empower patients to take proactive control of their health care.

Patients Know Best collects patient data from healthcare providers and shares it quickly, safely and effectively, giving patients, carers and their care teams immediate access to vital information and support anywhere, anytime. Patients and healthcare providers have access to detailed information such as appointment letters, medication lists, test results, allergies and details of previous attendances and discharge information.

Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO and Founder of Patients Know Best, added, “The BMJ and others have long highlighted the importance of informing patients and relatives in real-time about the progress of an acute illness. Recovery can be faster and safer at home, surrounded by family and loved ones, whilst freeing up hospital beds. It’s a pleasure to work with Current as their solution delivers safe early discharge with remote monitoring by hospital staff, whilst PKB informs patients and carers about their progress and treatment. We look forward to bringing this to more patients more quickly across the world.”

Current passively measures a patient’s vital signs in real time with its upper-arm wearable. Developed using one of the world’s largest physiological data sets, Current’s proprietary algorithms continuously analyse data to derive a patient’s health trajectory by detecting potential indicators of patient decline earlier for faster intervention.

Christopher McCann, CEO of Current Health, said, “By combining Current’s real-time, passive remote patient monitoring with PKB’s patient portal, clinicians will have instant access to a complete picture of a patient’s health, from their respiratory and oxygen saturation rates to their medications and allergies and most recent discharge information, which will allow for improved clinical workflows, reduced hospital readmission and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.”

The first deployment of this joint solution will be at Imperial College Healthcare Trust as part of the Care Information Exchange project in North West London.

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