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In-Home Services with Current Health

Create a better patient experience receiving care at home with our network of in-home service partners who can support end-to-end clinical models, all within the Current Health platform.

How can we move more healthcare into the home?

Order and manage services directly from within the Current Health platform

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current partners

Our newest partners


Workpath, a Ro company, offers healthcare providers a full-service platform for conducting in-home blood tests without patients having to visit a lab or hospital. Leveraging clinical data pulled from the Current Health’s clinical dashboard, physicians can determine what blood tests are needed, and then use the Workpath integration to schedule and dispatch a certified phlebotomist or nurse to the patients’ home to get the required sample, ship it to a lab for processing, and seamlessly receive the results. Workpath can reach 95% of patients across the U.S. through its nationwide network of professionals and supports the in-home services of health systems, clinical trials operators, labs, digital health companies, and more.


ScriptDrop offers medication delivery in all 50 states across the U.S. that is designed to increase patient choice when it comes to drug selection and price. By accessing same-day and on-demand delivery through the Current Health platform, organizations can simplify medication access, improve therapy adherence, and reduce readmissions.

future partners

Future partnerships will include


Durable Medical Equipment

Food Services

Infusion Therapy

Respiratory Care



We fill gaps in resources so organizations can focus on delivering high quality care

Geographic flexibility

Current Health will work with local, national, and global service providers, including organizations our customers already work with to integrate their services into the Current Health platform. To quickly grow our available services, we provide an open API to allow partners to easily make services available within the Current Health platform.

Data interoperability

Integrations will benefit from seamless access to patient data from within the Current Health platform to inform clinical services. This include leveraging existing integrations between Current Health and a EHR or EDC system to easily push and pull relevant information, enabling better documentation and care coordination.

Turnkey implementation

Organizations can quickly get up and running with new in-home service providers, taking advantage of existing workflows and data integrations within the Current Health platform. Current Health takes care of contracting, improving the ability to stand up new care pathways using third-party services.

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