We’re building a Medical Advisory Board. Do you want to join?

We believe that the delivery of healthcare in the future can and must be different. We believe that technology is a part of that solution, but only a part. Technology must work hand-in-hand with physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Technology can enable new healthcare delivery models, but that delivery model is the core of better patient outcomes and improved efficiency.

In my view, physicians and healthcare professionals working together with those building healthcare technology is fundamentally key to success. Till now, we’ve benefited from the advice of amazing physicians and nurses who believe in our vision of the future and want to help create it. That’s why we’re now building a Medical Advisory Board.

We’re looking for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to work with us to build the future. You must:

  1. Have significant prior clinical or nursing experience
  2. Have a demonstrable passion for how digital health and healthcare technology can create a better future
  3. Have previous experience in a leadership or influencer position within your field. For example, a senior leader in your organization or via academic/scientific contribution.

We know your time is precious, so we don’t expect you to give a lot of it – a couple of days per year at most. We’ll look to you for advice on our product and strategy, meeting with you virtually or in-person. We occasionally might ask you to comment or be part of publicity or academic publication – all entirely voluntary. Once a year, we’ll bring the entire Medical Advisory Board together (we’ll cover all expenses), so we can all talk together about the future of healthcare.

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