[On-Demand Webinar] Scaling Remote Patient Care: Lessons Learned from Baptist Health
CMS now reimburses for acute hospital care at home. Learn more here.

Before COVID-19 made virtual care the norm, Baptist Health was already exploring how remote monitoring of patients at home could expand capacity while improving outcomes.

Using Current Health’s remote care platform, Baptist’s Home Healthcare Team initially focused on post-acute recovery for COPD and CHF patients. However, the pandemic required them to quickly pivot their strategy to focus on COVID-19 treatment and prevention. Working closely with Current Health, the team quickly adapted the platform to their new care protocols in order to expand the health system’s capacity during the pandemic.

On this webinar, Brett Oliver, MD, Baptist Health’s CMIO, offers his experience scaling remote monitoring during the onset of the pandemic. As both an IT leader and clinician, Dr. Oliver provides tactical advice as well as personal experiences using remote monitoring technology to improve patient care.

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